As requested by those wishing to see Israel and its amazing archaeological and historical sites, to meet its people and visits its new cities we offer special tours of ancient and new Israel that will take place in 2017.
We recommend those interested to join one of the tours to contact us immediately  (by mail: or by phone: 972-50-6901112) and check with us the dates and registration instructions. The number of participants on each trip is limited.

Tours 2017:

As part of the conference we offer some pre and post conference tours. The tours will be professional, intensive and focused, and will be accompanied and led by the best relevant experts of archeology and guides in Israel. We will visit unique places which are closed to the public, and will be opened especially for us.  In these visits we will present unknown relations between past and presents in the land of the bible.  These tours were specially designed to be spectacularly interesting, combining past and present:

1)    Jerusalem & The Judean Wilderness:  3 days tour in Jerusalem, dedicated to its historical stratum and surroundings.
2)      Following the Crusaders:  3 days tour visiting fortifications, cities and fortresses built by the Crusaders, famous battle fields, hidden churches and secret graves. We will visit Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, Galilee, Acre and more interesting sites.

3)      Ancient Port Cities :– The Melting Pot of Civilizations:  3 days tour to the Biblical cities along the Mediterranean cost line, from south to north. Ashkelon, Ashdod, Jaffa, Caesarea, Haifa, Akko, and modern Tel Aviv.
4)      The Living Ancient Deserts:  2 days tour,  from Qumran and Massada to the Nabatean Kingdom.
5)      Massada Dead Sea and Qumran:  1 day tour to the Dead Sea area. (Pre-conference & After-conference)
6)      Biblical Cities and Fortifications of Judea:  1 day tour. (Pre-conference & Post conference)
7)      Classical Jerusalem:  1 day tour of Old & New Jerusalem (Pre-conference & Post conference)